Alpha Poker - GTO Assistance
New features Range equity & range normalisation

GTO assistance in real-time

Alpha Poker delivers GTO approximations in under a second without having to press a button.

Alpha Poker will never ask you for money before you trial.

Accurate solutions, instantly.

Alpha Poker's proprietary software uses a blend of concepts found in popular solving programs like PioSolver and Monkersolver while also learning from its errors like Pokersnowie.

Our mission is to democratise decision support and make learning poker proactive.

2017 > 2020
The evolution of Alpha Poker.

Constantly improving situational insight, accuracy and reliability.

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Alpha Poker supports standard cash tables, two and three blind games, and ante games.

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Email. [email protected]

Alpha Poker is not a bot. Alpha Poker is solved for GTO. To extract the most value from Alpha Player you must make pool and player based adjustments.

Not at this time. Our team are focused on refining our NLH product and plan on exploring alternative games towards the back of 2020.

As of our latest release Alpha Poker supports H2N.

Most likely not. Alpha Poker was built as an educational tool with the goal of providing strong baseline solutions. It is not adjusting according to the game dynamics at play on the platform you're using Alpha Poker.

Other services

Custom Development

Have a project in mind and want a team with a deep understanding of poker and technology? AP provides custom development services for a range of private clients


Need us to conduct research and uncover findings? Our team of data scientists can assist.

Solver API.

Want to build your own application? AP provides its proprietary Solver as a web service. Have your development team query any spot in an instant.

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